Menopause Survival Guide

Change society with support for menopause!! (Presentation)

Hello, I’m Kyoko NAGATA. I’m founder of NPO Chebura.
We support menopausal women, providing helpful information and exercise routines.

I have a dream.
We create a society everyone can spend fulfilling days with menopause support.

What image menopause do you have?
Getting irritated? Unstable? lost woman?
Many people have negative images.

However, menopause is an good opportunity to face our mind and body.
Our group name 「CHEBURA」 meaning “the change of life”.

Why did I start this activity?
I am here in front of you today for main two reasons.
First – I worked as a fitness instructor.
I saw and heard from my student over 40 years old that they have serious mental and physical disorders.
I saw them giving up their dreams and work.

Second-My mother had a serious menopausal disorder.
She became seriously depressed and unable to live.
At that time, I was a high school student. I couldn’t live with my mother.
Very lonely. I wanna be loved.
I wanted to spend time together.

I overlapped these two memories and thought, “Is there menopausal support now?”

I researched it. I also asked various people.
There was none and I was surprised.
“If it doesn’t exist, let’s make it!”

Menopause is reach Everyone.
90% of women feel not good during menopause.
However, most women take no action. Endured.
Because they have no chance to get knowledge.

Lack of menopausal care leads to many serious problems such as QOL decline, menopause depression, work retire, medical and social security expensive.

Chebura support, providing helpful information and exercise routines.
We have 3 staff members, and  24 Instructors. So far, 25,000 people received our program.

My dream is everyone can spend fulfilling days with menopausal support.
To that end, we are trying many methods.
Lecture, drama, performance, publishing, etc…

But not enough.
The number of women kill oneself  during menopause is 1,100 per year. Did you know that this is more than any generation?
What should I do?

I want to make society that “Leaving no one behind.”
Because, we can be prevented and managed menopause matter with knowledge and care of body.

Therefore, we will do three actions.

Listen my plan.
Is there anything you can do with us?
Make a note now and If you can do action with us, please contact us.
Are you ready??

1. Collaboration with companies and government
We have menopausal support content.
We are looking for provide our program.

2. Education
Encourage junior high school health education to include hormonal changes throughout life and menopause, a milestone in health.

3. English version support program of menopause
There is a menopausal support program especially for foreigners living in Japan who cannot get information.
If there are women over 40 around you, connect us!

And finally.
Are you fulfilling of mind and body?

I think that, if you are fine, don’t you think you can be more kind to the people around you?
I so.
If we can increase the number of healthy women, the world will be better.

Please remember, we can prevent and manage menopause.
Please take care of your self, and enjoy your own life.
Thank you.

Kyoko Nagata (NPO Chebura. Japan)