Menopause Survival Guide

Analyzing a woman’s hormones/menopause in her lifetime 【Chebura-style #3】】

hormone level

Analyzing a woman’s hormones in menopause

Our female hormones become infinitely close to zero after menopause” — puzzled faces usually fill the room when I say this at a seminar. Let us observe what happens inside our bodies.

hormone levelhormone level


Our bodies changes dynamically

The chart above shows the change of sex hormones. The horizontal axis means our ages and the vertical one means the amount of hormones we secrete. The red line shows the changes of female hormones in their bodies and the blue one shows that of men’s in their bodies. The production of female hormone in our bodies increases drastically from the youth.

Even though it depends on individuals, the production of female hormones remains same from the age of 20 to 35. After that, it decreases little by little and plummets around the age of 45 and finally reaches almost 0 after our menopause. We have female hormones till the first half of our life but we lose them afterwards. It may surprise those who haven’t heard it before. However, not having female hormones doesn’t necessarily mean that we are no longer women. We are women even after we are burned out.

Kyoko Nagata