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Preventing Urinary Incontinence by legs and butt workouts. Chebura Exercises【Chebura-style #18】

Preventing Urinary Incontinence by legs and butt workouts

Urine Incontinence・Pelvic Distortion

After giving birth or exceeding one’s 40s, many people suffer from “urinary incontinence” or “frequent urination”. One may suffer from urinary incontinence when stress was applied to one’s stomach such as coughing or laughing with a loud voice, and due to a rapid decrease in female hormone, the autonomic nerve disorders, causing the excessive contraction of the bladder, make the mucosa of urethra and bladder thinner and let one feeling urinary urgency frequently. Also, the weakness of pelvic floor muscles and inner thigh muscles is one of the reasons for urinary incontinence. So let’s doing routine exercises for prevention and improvement. This exercise will correct your pelvic distortion by training your inner thigh and butt muscles, also bring the effect of legs and butt shaping.

The exercises for preventing and improving urinary incontinence

Recommend for these symptoms.
Urine Incontinence・Pelvic Distortion, Left or right butt sag, O-shape leg etc.

①Stand with your heels together and toes outward and keep the angle between the heels greater than 90°.(Greater than 90°)

②Stand on tiptoe and lift your heels 10cm from the floor. Also your heels must be kept together. Repeat these movements.


You can hold the wall lightly to keep balance.

There is little effect if you don’t open your toes widely. Please do the exercises with your toes outward and open them widely. You can do this exercise when waiting for a train or waiting for the traffic, and do 10 sets one time.

Kyoko Nagata