Menopause Survival Guide

Questionnaire of 1014 menopausal women【Chebura-style #2】

Many women felt happier after menopause.

After the foundation of “Chebura”— an organization supporting women facing menopause — a survey was conducted where 1014 women answered a series of questions which required them to look back at their menopause period. Although conditions varied, most answered that they in fact felt happier after it.

This blog aid women in obtaining a healthier self.

At the same time, however, we found that the physical health, especially in the lower part of the body that knee and lumbus, depended heavily on how they spent this period. A little bit of effort is needed to turn menopause into an “opportunity” instead of an adversity. This blog is written in hopes to aid women in obtaining a healthier self – a gift of good health from present you, to future you.

Kyoko Nagata