Menopause Survival Guide

Is female hormone a guardian angel of her mental and physical condition? 【Chebura-style #6】

Role of female hormone.

So what is the role of female hormone during perimenopause? As you’ve learned during “health and physical education class”, the beginning of menstruation and bulge of breast when the girls reach puberty are referred to “production of feminine body”. However, female hormones’ roles aren’t only limited to them, it plays many other roles inside of their bodies.

role of female hormone

・Breast development , pregnancy , and childbirth

・Skin tightness and moisture

・Mucosal moisture

・Hair growth

・Retention of bone mass

・Maintain brain functions such as memory and cognition

・Sturdy blood vessel to prevent arteriosclerosis

・Stability of emotions , autonomic nerves

・antioxidant effect

Knowing the correct information and countermeasures to make menopause a “chance” of life

Female hormone is just the beauty and health guardian.

Female hormone is just the beauty and health guardian. It is also thanks to the defense of female hormones that our lifespan is 6 to 7 years longer than men. In rare cases, there are people saying that I did not have menopause, but even in the absence of a symptom that I am aware of, there is a big change in my body. That is why it is very important for both people who will have menopause and those who are currently in menopause to know correctly and to deal with countermeasures. Will not you make menopause a “chance” of life?

Kyoko Nagata