Menopause Survival Guide

Lifestyle-related diseases prone to menopause【Chebura-style #12】

Lifestyle-related diseases prone to menopause

Lifestyle-related diseases prone to menopause
After end of the menopause, the function of the ovary stops. And there is almost no secretion of female hormone which has the role of protecting our health. Cholesterol, blood pressure, bone mass will also get changed accordingly. The body changes greatly from the inside. After menopause, it is indispensable for our healthy future comfortable living.
to review the basic lifestyle habits such as meals, exercise, sleep and so on.

Rise in blood pressure

Blood pressure tends to be higher after menopause. In menopause, blood pressure becomes unstable due to fluctuation of female hormone, and it is said that you often feel headaches and palpitations.

Increase in blood glucose level

Female hormones act to suppress the onset of diabetes and complications. As a result, female diabetic patients with decreased female hormone will have difficulty in controlling blood sugar. It is important to review your eating habits and engage in exercise other than early detection and treatment of diabetes.

Increase in cholesterol triglyceride

Female hormones have the function of preventing cholesterol becoming bad one and aging of blood vessels. Therefore, it is said that cholesterol / triglyceride often rises after menopause.

Kyoko Nagata