Menopause Survival Guide

Menopause is not obstacle but a chance.【Chebura-style #1】

What image do you have on menopause?

When asking this question, I often hear keywords such as “irritation”, “unstable”, “complicated”, “sudden sweat”, those that are ……,
sooooo negative.

Many women tend to fear this symptom. However, menopause is “Change of life”, and should taken positively as a big turning point in one’s life.

“Chebura” means……

It is a precious time to face with one’s own mind and body to maintain a healthy and beautiful lifestyle. Under the hope for Japanese women to take menopause not as an obstacle but a chance in their life, I have established a nonprofit organization “Chebura” (Japan) taken from the concept,”Change of life”.

Kyoko Nagata