Menopause Survival Guide

Stiff Neck and Shoulder. Chebura Exercises【Chebura-style #16】

Stiff Neck and Shoulder.

Because of the loss of flexibility and healthy blood circulation due to a sudden drop of female hormone, shoulders become more prone to be stiff than usual. Also, when the face is turned downwards due to desk works, housework, etc…the power of the stomach comes off and shoulder can easily get tension. The bad posture will cause not only stiff shoulders, but also make women looking more aged. Therefore, In order to improve neck and shoulder stiffness, it is important to improve blood circulation.

Exercise for the Stiff and Frozen Shoulder

1, Put your both hands on your shoulders and circulate your arms like drawing a big circle. Then, you should pay attention to your shoulder blades moving up down left right.

2, Do the same movement in the opposite direction and feel that your shoulder muscle is well stretched.

3, Cross and raise your arms upperward while placing your palms together. Then, you push the back of your head by your upper arms. Keep that posture ten seconds and slowly unfold your arms.

Shoulder blades are here!
By moving the muscle around your shoulder blades, you can improve your blood circulation. Also, you can keep your shoulders refreshed because you are able to excrete your body wastes, which are the main cause of stiff neck and shoulder.

Kyoko Nagata