Menopause Survival Guide

Knowing hormonal changes is important for women’s social advancement.【Chebura-style #4】

hormone levelhormone level


Men and women are different hormone change.

Let have a look at differences in men’s hormones in their bodies. The increases of male hormones are at as same rate as females’ , they decreases much more gradually. Although, every male bodies contain different number of male hormones, most of them still contain the hormones as much amount as when they are in the middle of 20s at the age of 70. This explains the reasons why men are able to produce sperms for the offspring even they are 70 years old. Moreover, “male menopause” is usually caused by the stress. As you can see, men and women are different.

Knowing hormonal changes is important for women’s social advancement.

While women are strongly encouraged to work in the same style as men due to the “the act on promotion of women’s participation and advancement in the workplace”, it is significant for both women and their surrounding people to be aware of physical differences of women in order to makes their working environment more flexible.

Kyoko Nagata