Menopause Survival Guide

Menopausal symptoms are complex【Chebura-style #9】

Menopausal symptoms are complex

Both female hormones and autonomic nerves are involved in various functions throughout the body. Therefore, if their balance is lost, various symptoms will appear in the mind and body. Among the disorders that you feel “Am I in menopause?”, it seems there are many people who feel ”I get tired more easily than before.” or “I have stiff shoulders and lower back pain.” in the physical aspect, and  “I get  frustrated and angry easily” or “I get worried and depressed” in the mental aspect.


 Shutten: Chebura ankēto `kōnenki o furikaette' 2014 32/5000 Source: Chebura Questionnaire "Looking back on menopausal" 2014Source: Chebura Questionnaire “Looking back on menopausal” 2014



Kyoko Nagata