Peri-Menopause Survival Guide(Web Book)

Peri-Menopause Survival Guide(Web Book)

Menopause Survival Guide / Web Book

Best book to know about peri-menopause, and make your mind and body comfortable!
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<Number of pages> 44 pages, English


]Introduction / Analyzing female hormones in our lifetime / Role of female hormones / Current state of menopause / Mechanism of female hormone secretion / Various symptoms of menopause / Menopause and Illness / Treatment for Menopause / 3 points of gynecological examination to convey symptoms in an easy-to-understand manner / Chebura Exercise(Adjusting autonomic nerves / Eliminating stiff shoulders / Small face care / Preventing urinary incontinence with leg and hip workouts/ Cold and numbness in fingers and feet/ Easy to gain fat on your body ) / Relationship between menopausal symptoms and exercise / My experience of menopause / Andropause/ Menopausal Symptoms Self-Check (male & female) /Message from Experts(Doctor / Midwife) /Health storage starting from now /

To have “fullfilling days”

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The purchase fee will be donated to CHEBURA, a menopausal support organization.